Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks


    You most likely know that JamPlay and Guitar Tricks are the biggest guitar learning sites worldwide. Several other sites exist that offer online guitar lessons, but they cannot compare to Guitar Tricks and JamPlay. You are on the right track to making the right decision if you have narrowed your choice to these two online guitar learning sites. However, most people experience the challenge of deciding the site that they will join because the two websites are similar in several ways. However, when analyzing JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks, you will find some differences in the features, pricing, and mode of delivery for the two sites, which makes deciding on one site easier than before. The comparison of the two online guitar training sites should make your decision-making process more manageable than before.

    Jamplay vs GuitarTricks

    The two sites both offer thousands of guitar lessons at all levels. However, Guitar Tricks provides fewer genres as compared to JamPlay. Also, JamPlay has 350 song lessons as compared to the 900 song lessons offered by Guitar Tricks, which does not make the former a good option for people who want to learn specific songs. But JamPlay offers more genres and styles of guitar lessons than Guitar Tricks. The two sites provide chord charts and supplemental tabs. But, JamPlay offers its guitar students a forum for each lesson, which is not the case for Guitar Tricks. The two sites provide video lessons for its students, but the latter has downloadable online lessons that are not limited when you pay extra. However, Guitar Tricks has downloadable video lessons except for the song lessons.

    User interface
    Guitar Tricks and JamPlay offer a personalized user interface for its users, bookmark lessons, lessons viewed, and progress history of making it easier than before for students to use their websites during the online lessons. However, JamPlay offers an extra feature for its user interface because its users or students can collect badges and points. The quality of video lessons for both sites is high. Guitar Tricks offers an active forum, and the site is soon introducing additional live lessons. JamPlay on the other handle also offers several live lesson materials and an active forum that allows players to interact with their teachers to answer any queries on playing guitar. Students can access the materials weekly.

    The monthly cost of online guitar lessons for these top two sites sites is $19.95. However, the price charged by Guitar Tricks per year is $143.20 and $159.95 for JamPlay. You can pay $49.95 quarterly when you enroll with JamPlay and save up to $39.60. The two sites have a refund policy. For Guitar Tricks, the refund policy is 60 days while JamPlay has a refund policy of 30 days. Guitar tricks site also offers a free trial membership for 14 days before it starts charging you. However, JamPlay provides a seven-day trial.

    JamPlay and Guitar Tricks offer online guitar lessons for beginners to advanced levels. However, Guitar Tricks provides a step by step plan for the beginners’ level, which is a good resource for beginners. For JamPlay, various teachers teach the beginners’ course, which is not as laid out as the course offered by Guitar Tricks. The advanced level provided by Guitar Tricks has the most content that offers all the players enough lessons and songs to keep them busy all through the guitar lesson. However, the advanced level course by JamPlay has more genre-specific lessons as compared to Guitar Tricks as well as additional live lessons. Guitar Tricks offers an extra learning game, while JamPlay offers three extra learning games.

    I recommend JamPlay site when comparing JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks because you can download most guitar tools and video lessons. Most people who have enrolled with JamPlay for guitar lessons admit that the production quality of the lessons was outstanding, noting that the site cares about how players feel about their online lessons. Most players would recommend JamPlay because its user account panel is more intuitive than most online guitar learning sites, including Guitar Tricks. You should sign up with JamPlay to connect and contact other JamPlay members and enjoy a cool scale library tool. Do not forget to save money with JamPlay by paying quarterly or getting a coupon code before you sign up to start the guitar lessons.


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